Gabriel Bass

aron kodesh synagogue interior design

Or Torah- Skokie, IL

Or Torah, the largest modern orthodox shul in the Chicago area consists of 4 chapels. The project at the synagogue includes the main shul, bet midrash, east and west sanctuaries. The remodel consists of Aron Kodeshes, Torah Reading tables, amud tefillah, mechitzas and ner tamid for each of the chapels. The seating for the first …

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Customize your Synagogue Interior and Furnishings

At Bass Synagogue Furniture we design and produce Interiors and custom furniture based upon the style, needs, and budget of our clients. We provide detailed three-dimensional renderings of your space with the proposed furnishings. The rendering includes a beautiful walk-through of images that actualizes your intended interior and furniture. These models help continue to raise …

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custom designed wood Aron Kodesh features hand carving and lighting

Kriat Ya’arim, Jerusalem Synagogue Interior

View the finished product Bass Synagogue Furniture was commissioned by Synagogue Binyan Bracha V’shalom synagogue in Kriat Ya’arim, Tel Stone, Israel. The project was custom designed in three dimensional renderings and includes an aron kodesh, bimah, two podiums, and fourty meters of library shelving throughout the synagogue. All synagogue furnishings will be installed on site. The aron kodesh stands tall at …

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