May 2014

Client:  Kol Ami

Location:  Vancouver, WA, USA

This memorial board has been custom designed and produced for Congregation Kol Ami.  This project challenges the concept of  traditional design concept for a memorial board to remember loved ones who have pasted away.  Instead of a light for the deceased 1-2″ rocks collected at a special source at the dead sea will be placed on the shelf in front of a brushed aluminum  plate with the name and date of the deceased.

The boards are straightened, slit are routed into the board for aluminum inserts, and strips will be cut.   The strips and shelves will be alternated into boards and aluminium inserts will be installed vertically.  Aluminium strips will be laminated to the fronts of the shelves.  Matching aluminium name plates will be ordered and a mould will be supplied to easily bend these plates if necessary into the concave or convex shapes they will be applied to.