Installed Spring/Summer 2012

New Orleans, USA

Bet Israel is one of the oldest synagogues in the southern United States.  Destroyed in the wake of floods from Hurricane Katrina, Custom Carving was asked to help design and create a new Mechitza and Aron Kodesh to match the Bimah which was being reconstructed from the original.   The Mechitza Panels and Aron Kodesh were produced completely from solid wood, African Walnut, with deep mortise and tenon panel joinery construction.  They have been handcarved by the artist using straight and curved blade knives and handmade glass inlays.  The top quarter of the mechitzas was handmade at the Custom Carving studios by James Estrin from 3cm thick metal, shaped in New Orleans floral style, also featuring glass inlays.  “It was such a pleasure to install the work myself and to see the way in which the entire community has contributed to the rebuilding of this synagogue.”  To view the photos of the finished synagogue and other products produced for Beth Israel at the Custom Carving studio, please visit the Synagogue Design page of the website.

Architect:  Ellen Pannell Brawer & Hauptman, Architects LLC

Rabbi:  Uri Topolosky