uptown chabad of Houston reflective mechitzas from the men's side
מראה חד-צדדי , זכוכית, התזת חול, וילון, חיתוח לייזר, מחיצה המשמשת להפרדה בין גברים לנשים בבתי כנסת, עזרת נשים, קבוע או נייד

How to choose the top semi transparent material for my Mechitzah?

At Bass Synagogue Furniture we have decades of experience building mechitzas for just about every variety of communities. The most crucial element of any mechitza is the choice of top materials. Each community has its own demand for the amount of modesty for their mechitza. It is often a balance of how well the women can see through and how obscured the view by the men into the women’s section. We call this the mechitza dilemma. There is no perfect solution for every situation. Not only does each community have its own guidelines and tradition, but each building, the space, and lighting play an important role in the final decision. The prices on the website do not include the top material. Please inquire on the custom mechitza survey for a final price accordingly. Let’s review some of the most popular options:

One-Way Mirror 

Printed Graphics 

Etched Glass

Stained Glass

One way mirror mechitza top material
perforated graphics for one way view mechitza

One-way mirror is one of the most popular options, because it offers the highest efficiency between transparency and reflection. At Bass Synagogue Furniture we use only the highest grade one-way mirror, same material that is used in airports or police questioning rooms. It works well in equal lighting situations, and even better when light is directed from the men’s side. Highest efficiency is found with more direct lighting from the reflective side and less direct lighting from the women’s side. Often in equal lighting situations we tilt the glass to face upward, towards the lighting on the men’s side, which helps to increase the efficiency without any change in the room lighting. All glass products sold by Bass Furniture are annealed for optimal strength and indoor safety. View examples of one-way mirror mechitzas.

We can print any image onto glass using a unique printing process that is based upon the same premise as the one-way mirror. Where the more light directed toward the graphics the more efficient the material. Graphics can be a simple as a pattern or texture to photographs, such as the western wall or adjoining panoramas. You can provide us with the image or we can work with you to find the proper image for your style and needs.  All glass products sold by Bass Furniture are annealed for optimal strength and indoor safety.

Sand blasting and Etched glass are elegant solutions for mechitzas and can be made from any vector image. You cannot see through the etched portions of the glass, so depending upon the amount of etching present in the design you can control the amount of transparency of the glass. The same, but flipped image is seen from either side. Some communities may choose either some gradient of transparency, clear glass , full etched, or other glass textures. You can provide us with the design or we can work with you to create a unique custom design to suit your style and needs. All glass products sold by Bass Furniture are annealed for optimal strength and indoor safety. View examples of etched glass mechitzas.

At Bass Synagogue Furniture, we work directly with some of the best stained glass artists in the world. Each panel is designed to suit the style and functional needs of our clients. Stained glass can include combinations of both clear, painted, and textured glass to create dazzling masterpieces of semi-transparent space. 

Laser Cut Wood


Wood Construction

Window mechitzas

Wood Laser cut lattice design for mechitza top material
star of david wood work mechitza top

Laser cut panels can be created from any vector image. You can provide the design or we can work together with you on floral patterns or themes, such as the seven species of Israel. We have often put the panels on hinges which can be individually tilted to open for sermons and simchas. See examples of laser cut wood mechitzas.

Curtains can be hung on the top section in a variety of lattice or decorative choices. We can prepare the mechitza ready to hang, and you can have the curtains locally produced. Or we can help you to find and produce the curtains to suit your needs and budget. We work with many fabulous fabric artists, like the one featured here who paints on silk. For those on a budget we can find a nice solution of textured lattice semi-transparent fabric.

We build wood and or metal constructions for the top section of the mechitzahs. More space is left to see through, or the spaces can be filled with mirror, etched and/or stained glass. These have been popular in jewish schools and camps throughout the world. Many designs can be built and applied to this technique. View examples of wood construction mechitzas.

Many congregations would like the option to open the mechitzah top for sermons, classes, and simchas. One solution we have applied is creating sliding windows that can be inset with one-way mirror, printed, etched or stained glass. Other design options would allow for the glass to slide down into the mechitza body. View examples of sliding window mechitza designs.

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