Bass Furniture was proud to design, produce, and install the remodel of Or Torah, one of the largest modern orthodox shul in the Chicago area. Located in Skokie, IL, the synagogue consists of 4 chapels. The project consisted of over 700 custom seats, half benches and the other half free standing chairs. Bass Furniture redesigned the main shul, installing an Aron Kodesh reaching to six meters high, full stage Bimah, and both permanent and portable mechitza to reach down the middle of the room. Torah Reading tables, Amud Tefillsh, and shtenders were supplied for all three main chapels. Installation took place in the spring of 2022.

Design Process

The renovation was designed in-house by Bass Furniture in cooperation with the synagogue committee, headed by Joel Gornstein and Jennie Rothner. The process started with an initial visit for measurements and on-site meeting to discuss possibilities. The entire design was then rendered in three dimensional walk around to envision the entire space with the proposed furnishings. In this stage the design details and layout were worked out to full satisfaction of the client. Clients received a full set of images and shop sketches throughout the revisions. 
aron kodesh synagogue interior design


woodworking router
The project was produced from Beechwood, one of the most desirable hard woods used in furniture making today. All the work was crafted in our studio in Katzrin, Israel, from the finest materials. The entire project consisted of over 50,000 individual parts, each needing to be individually shaped, joined, sanded, and finished. The work was given a dark walnut stain to bring out the beautiful grain structure. Each piece received three coats of the most durable lacquer, with sanding between coats. All was well crated and shipped to Skokie.


The Or Torah renovation took place in the Spring of 2022. Gabriel, along with his team, came for three weeks to install the furniture and interior work. Members of the congregation came out to assist, and even learn a bit about furniture making. 
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