Choose from:

  • top materials such as one-way mirror, printed graphics or etched glass, clear glass, laser cut wood, stained glass, curtains, and more.
  • Portable or built-in

Custom Mechitzahs:

We can provide detailed three-dimensional renderings of your space with the proposed mechitza. The rendering includes a beautiful walk-through of images that actualizes your intended interior and furniture. These models help continue to raise funds for your project and allow donors to physically see what they are donating. We continue to work with you on revisions until you are fully satisfied with the final design and budget.

View examples of our design rendering work.


laser cut wood portable mechitza panels



Most portable mechitzas are divided into 4’4″ lengths or shorter, which is the ideal breakdown of materials and easy portability. For height, most communities choose between wood/top material at 3′ for women’s view at sitting position or 4′ at standing position. Total heights are generally 6′ or lower. 

All glass is annealed for optimal strength and indoor safety use.

Finish products are custom crated in studio and shipped UPS one week air freight or other similar courier at very reasonable prices. We take care of shipping door to door. All work is fully insured and guaranteed. We can schedule to personally assemble any project onsite anywhere in the world.

Custom Design My Mechitza


A well designed mechitza will give a good view and access for women. While at the same time, the mechitza must conform to some level of modesty from the men’s side, which will vary from congregation to congregation.


At Bass Synagogue Furniture we design and produce custom mechitzas for synagogues and communities worldwide, based upon their style, needs, and budget.  We work with our clients through the entire process, from design, through productions, and installation.



mechitza in florida

In order for us to be of service and give you an idea of how we would execute your project with preliminary price estimates, please fill out the form below with as much information as you have available.  

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