Bass Synagogue Furniture uses the highest quality materials and finishes to assure that your woodwork will last to be a legacy to generations ahead. When you custom build your synagogue furniture with us you customize the wood and finish to suit your space.
Beech wood
African Walnut

Wood Choice

At Bass Synagogue Furniture we maximize the solid wood used in the production of our furniture. Many free standing products are built entirely from solid wood. Where plywoods are advantageous, we use only the finest grades of baltic birch plywoods with thick 3mm vaneer. We mostly work with African Walnut, for work that demands carving. It is a strong hardwood with straight grains suitable for hand carving. Naturally, it is a light colored wood, similar in color to golden oak with lacquer. Other products are built from Beech wood, an extremely hard wood, ideal for furniture making. Naturally, it has a light cherry wood color and deep grains similar to oak. Choose a natural finish and you may be eligible for a discount on your order.

Stain Choice

At Bass Synagogue Furniture you choose the color finish to match your existing furniture or desires. We use water based stains that penetrate deep into the wood to give depth of grain. A variety of standard stain colors are offered at no additional cost. Choose from:

Light Brown

A light stain that brings out the grains and gives the wood a warm brown feel.

Warm Brown

Our most popular finish, which really brings out the grains nicely. It is a nice balance between the dark walnut and a light brown, playing well off the light.

Red Mahogany

This stain is most popular among traditional synagogues. 

Dark Walnut

A nice finish that can be used in both contemporary and traditional applications, when looking for a deep rich wood.


Custom Stain

At Bass Synagogue Furniture we can professionally match any stain. You can provide us with a sample or we can provide you with samples based upon a range of shades. The price for custom stain is $275 total per project, plus shipping.

**Because of the impartial nature of wood stain, the eye will see the hue differently, from one person to the next. The hue can vary depending upon the angle of light hitting the grains in the wood. These grains and their angles vary from piece to piece. Bass Synagogue Furniture will match the stain professionally, but we are not responsible for how the hue appears exactly on site.


Lacquer and Finish

We use three coats of the finest professional polyurethane on the market, with finished sanding between coats. It can outlast any other finish for longevity, durability and feel. Normally, we use a 50 percent gloss finish, but you can also choose from any range from matt to gloss.   

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