Or Torah- Skokie, IL

aron kodesh synagogue interior design

https://youtu.be/DofC2vM4sCE Bass Furniture was proud to design, produce, and install the remodel of Or Torah, one of the largest modern orthodox shul in the Chicago area. Located in Skokie, IL, the synagogue consists of 4 chapels. The project consisted of over 700 custom seats, half benches and the other half free standing chairs. Bass Furniture […]

Kriat Ya’arim, Jerusalem Synagogue Interior

custom designed wood Aron Kodesh features hand carving and lighting

View the finished product Bass Synagogue Furniture was commissioned by Synagogue Binyan Bracha V’shalom synagogue in Kriat Ya’arim, Tel Stone, Israel. The project was custom designed in three dimensional renderings and includes an aron kodesh, bimah, two podiums, and fourty meters of library shelving throughout the synagogue. All synagogue furnishings will be installed on site. The aron kodesh stands tall at […]