Aleph Aron Ark

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The aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew aleph-bet. Aron, cabinet, is spelled with an aleph. When a cabinet is used to hold a torah scroll it is known as a holy ark, aron kodesh. God reveals himself like with a garment. The creation of the world is compared to a vessel, the ark to a garment, and the torah to water. The hebrew word for fire, aish, also starts with an aleph. The doors of the ark are decorated in fire, which guards the way.

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This unique torah ark features a base depicting the hebrew letter aleph in three or more dimensions.  

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Gabriel Bass' work can be found in institutions, galleries, museums, and private collections around the world. His work is influenced by the concepts of flow. He plays with the elements with tools to create unique techniques for working in wood, metal, and glass. At the same time the final product is balanced by a strict adherence to craftsmanship, finish, and installation.
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