Angelic Hanging Torah Ark

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Our artists hand crafted this solid wood torah ark based upon a unique hanging design. The doors were carefully built with panel joinery. The aron kodesh can hold three torahs. The doors are built to hold stained glass, which the client can choose from a variety of colors and textures to match the style of their synagogue. One example of a color scheme is given in the pictures. The ark can easily be made portable with wheels or moved with sliders. Built completely from solid wood, the boxes display perfect beautiful dovetail joinery. It is a true inspiration to any prayer space.

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Hanging Custom Wood and Glass Torah Arks

This contemporary style torah ark is currently for sale. The ark fits two to three torahs comfortably. The empty space in the panel doors can be customized to suit your style in a variety of stained glass colors and textures. The doors can even be turned around for a totally different feel. The aron kodesh will bring an elevation to tefillah in any space. The ark can be portable by adding wheels and the top can be easily lifted by two people, like the original mishkan in the desert. It is built from African Walnut with a two tone finish and three coats of durable lacquer for longevity. We can custom build a ner tamid, mounted or hanging onto the top of this ark. The bottom cabinet can provide storage for tallit, siddurim, or other needs. Register to view currently reduced price, which includes glass work. Specialty glass, wheels, interior lighting, ner tamid, and other details would be additional. Bass Synagogue Furniture builds available and custom torah ark and other furniture to suit the needs, style, and budget of our client. Please contact us today for more information about this torah ark or to find out how we customize the ark to suit your space and community.

Dimensions: 209 cm tall x 148 cm wide x 45 cm deep / Inside top box: 117 tall x 94 cm wide x 41 cm deep

Watch the technique used to build this unique aron kodesh:


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