Aron Kodesh of Light

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Synagogue designer and artist Gabriel Bass hand carved this solid wood aron kodesh. The side columns, boxes, and crown ner tamid are carved by knives throughout and inlaid from the back with stained glass. LED lights illuminate the piece by lighting the stained glass from within. The doors slide for ultimate accessibility. The ark comfortably fits five or more torah scrolls.

$38,000.00 $38,000.00

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This torah ark is a true one of a kind masterpiece, with a timeless balance between traditional and contemporary elements. It glows with a combination of wood carving and stained glass. The boxes are constructed of solid wood dovetail joinery. The columns are carefully built solid wood columns, cut in half and hand carved. This aron kodesh is currently for sale and can be shipped immediately. Other custom aron kodeshes can be designed and produced according to the needs of your community or synagogue. Contact us for more information.

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