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This synagogue was designed intimately with the Houston Chabad of Uptown  to suit their functional needs. We produced the aron kodesh, bimah, and mechitzas as movable furniture on castors, while still giving the furniture a built-in presence. The contemporary design integrates curves to represent scrolls throughout the work. The furniture is built from solid wood in a traditional manner. This is truly a unique project. View the finished synagogue project at the Chabad of Uptown.

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Movable Synagogue Furniture Design

This particular design was produced to give a permanent feel to portable furniture.  The inside of the aron kodesh is upholstered and fitted with crescent holders for resting the torahs across the back. There is LED lighting inside the scrolls and the ark. We designed the mechitzas with the highest quality one-way mirror, mounted at an angle to capture the lighting just right for the most transparency for the women and maximum reflection for the men. The bimah was designed to detach in the middle to fit through the synagogue doors. Each design is custom created to meet the needs and budget of our clients. Aspects of this design can be made to suit your needs and space. In this case, our clients were looking for a contemporary yet sophisticated style. Please contact Bass Synagogue Furniture to inquire how we can best work with you to design your synagogue interior space.

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