Hebrew Academy Bet Midrash

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Bass Furniture rendered the entire room, including the aron kodesh, stained glass windows, hand blown chandelier lighting, wall lighting boxes. In the summer of 2017, BSF produced ten large solid wood tables, personal shtender/tables for sixty students, eight shtenders, eight movable mechitza panels, and 500 square meters of library shelving with handmade molding. The installation of the project completed days before the school year began.


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Margolin Hebrew Academy – Memphis, Tennessee

Bass Synagogue Furniture was commissioned to design and produce the bet midrash remodel for the Jewish day school and yeshiva in Memphis, Tennessee. The project included one-way mirror mechitzas in a contemporary curved style. Over five hundred square feet of library shelving was produced with four centimeter thick solid wood fronts and handmade crown molding. The sides of each library is tilted slightly, to give a nice cap on the ends, not meeting at a sharp angle. The shtender tables seat two students each and open separately from the table top. The individual shtenders open from above and are a pleasure for the rabbis.

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