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Re’eh Hannukiah

Menorah hand-carved to symbolize the Re’eh in African Walnut. A “mythical” creature referred to in psalms by King David and other Tanachic references. Hanukiah includes handmade borosilicate (pyrex) glass fittings for use with candles or oil. One of a kind, available for sale. Please call to inquire on pricing or customization options.

Dimensions 35 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm

Customize a Menorah

This Hannukiah has been custom built according to the needs, style, and budget of our client.  Please contact us for information on how to design and produce a hannukiah to suit your style and budget. whether a collector or as a gift.   At Bass Synagogue Furniture we offer only the highest grade materials, finest craftsmanship and best service of any synagogue furniture makers anywhere.  We offer your choice of wood color, unique detail work in carving and glass.   The price listed approximates for custom work in similar style, detail, and size.  Simpler or similar available work may be generously discounted, so be sure to contact us to discuss your needs.

Watch Gabriel create the glass fittings!


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Borosilicate Glass, Walnut








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