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Brand new synagogue interior carpentry interior design for the shul that was later produced by Bass Synagogue Furniture.  This exciting project included 4 sets of double accordion doors as one way glass mechitzas separate the men’s and women’s sections, full aron kodesh and front wall, wall of bookshelves, bimah, ner tamid, shtenders, amudim, and tables.  View finished project.

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Quality Shul Interior Design Renderings

Bass Synagogue Furniture would be glad to send a representative to your space to take measurements, photos, and meet with your synagogue committee regarding their needs, style, and budget for any synagogue remodel or newly built space, with the goal of producing interior design sketches.  We will continue to work closely with your committee to revise the sketches until you are satisfied.  Such high quality images can be used as interior design, architectural designs, or shop production designs.  Please contact us for more information regarding how we can assist with your project.

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Synagogue Design

Bass Synagogue Furniture designs and produces custom synagogue interiors throughout the world. Our designer and managers work intimately with our clients, through on site visits, email, whatsapp, and zoom meetings around the clock. Every project is designed specifically to suit your needs, style, and budget. We provide three-dimensional computer renderings, as well as detailed shop designs, to actualize the space, project, and all proposed furnishings. These rendering help to continue to raise funds for the project by showing the donors what they are contributing towards. Our designers continue to revise the design based upon our clients feedback until their are fully satisfied with every last detail and pricing, before production. Whether building or remodeling, contact us today for your synagogue design consultation with our designers and expert craftsmen.
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