Traditional Carved Aron Kodesh

Two wood carved aron kodesh are shown under this product. Both were designed and built around the same period for synagogues in Israel. The entire synagogue eastern wall features deep relief hand carving in solid wood, domes, and pillars. Bass Synagogue Furniture designers work closely with our clients to custom design the aron kodesh to best suit their space, style, and budget.


Hand Carved Custom Synagogue Aron Kodesh

The entire Synagogue Interior, Aron Kodesh, Bimah, and other furnishings have been designed and produced specifically to suit the needs of our clients space and style. Bass Synagogue Furniture custom designed, built, and installed the aron kodeshes at Shearey Aliyah in Lod, and the Bukharian synagogue in Dimona, respectively. The synagogue’s entire eastern wall has been transformed with hand carving of the twelve tribes of Israel, columns, luchot of the ten commandments, and Pasukim.  All the woodwork and carving is produced of the highest standard in deep relief style.  The interior woodwork has been produced and installed on-site according to detailed specifications. All the woodwork is thoroughly carved by hand, sanded, and finished with three coats of durable lacquer. Please contact us with your custom carved synagogue project.

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