Wood Stains and Lacquer

Bass Synagogue Furniture uses the highest quality materials and finishes to assure that your woodwork will last to be a legacy to generations ahead. When you custom build your synagogue furniture with us you customize the wood and finish to suit your space.

Wood choice: Our wood of choice is African Walnut for a number of reasons. It is a hardwood a suitable for furniture making. It is a pleasure to work with, as it is easy to carve, join, and work on details and decorative elements. It is a light colored wood and accepts stains well, allowing us to achieve almost any shade of wood darker than the natural golden oak color of the wood. We work mostly with solid wood. Any plywood is of the highest quality Baltic Birch variety, which touts up to four millimeter veneer and full 2 cm solid wood edging.

Finish: Each piece of furniture and judaica we leave a soft semi-gloss lacquer finish. By using three-coats of the highest quality Tambor professional lacquer, and sanding gradually finer between coats, we are able to achieve an incredibly resilient, strong, long-lasting, water-resistant finish.

Stain Choice: At Bass Synagogue Furniture was have a variety of stain choices that we offer standard and are glad to work on variations of shades. We use water based stains that penetrate deep into the wood to give depth of grain.


Light Natural Golden Oak: this the natural color of the African Walnut without stain. If you choose a natural finish you may eligible for a discounted price.

Warm Brown (A-486): A lighter, warm, neutral wood color with a touch of mahogany.

Red Mohagany (A-103): This is a popular choice for many traditional style synagogue furniture. This stain can be diluted to give a nice shades Cherry Wood.

Classic Dark Walnut (A-547):  Also a good choice for a rich look for both traditional and contemporary furniture.

Custom Stain: If you would like to customize the stain, either you need to provide us with a sample or we need to provide you with samples. The price for custom stain is $275 total per project, plus shipping.

**Because of the impartial nature of wood stain, every eye will see the hue differently. The hue can vary depending upon the angle, color and intensity of the light hitting the grain of the wood. Bass Furniture will match the stain professionally, but we are not responsible for how the hue appears exactly in every situation.



Custom wood: We are glad to work in any wood choice to match your current furniture or design preference. The final cost will higher, depending upon the wood. Some detail work, including carving, will not be available in all wood choices. Other materials that we enjoy using include Cherry, Dark Walnut, Oak, and Beech.