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Contemporary Craft Aron HaKodesh

This aron kodesh is a contemporary design in solid wood furniture.  The ark is very light while standing stable on four legs, can be used as a portable ark with or without castors.  Easy to break down for transportation.  Includes ner tamid crown on top in glass.

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This Afrcian Walnut Aron Kodesh was designed in the style of the contemporary furniture movement. The legs of the ark are handshaped. The doors carved and inlayed with handmade glass in representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The choice of colours and textured used are drawn from sources depicting the stones on the cohen gadol’s breastplate. The box is constructed with half-blind dovetails. The solid brass Brusso hinges are carefully inlayed. The Ner Tamid features kiln and torch glass work. The work can be easily disassembled for transport with two screwdrivers and will stand strong for generations. Includes inlayed lock with brass eschelon and handmade glass handles to suit.

Dimensions 210 cm H x 70 cm w x 45 cm D

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Brass, Glass, Walnut








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