I have endowed Bezalel with a divine spirit of knowledge, understanding,  and skill of every kind of craft. 

-Exodus 31:2

Be sure that your ceremonial vessels are imbued with spirit. Support Jewish designers and craftsman dedicated excellence in their trade and community. Each project is designed and built individually with inspiration, thought, and precision. 


what are you looking for?

Visit Us for an unforgettable experience. Book a hands-on tour and workshop at our wood and glass studios. Enroll in an online or in-house class or visit our virtual studios at: 


*When you Support Israeli Business you Support Israel

-All Products are produced in Israel and support the livelihoods of Jewish craftsmen.

-Each order is custom crated in studio, shipped air with full insurance, at reasonable prices.

-A large percentage of  our profits help support tzedakah causes in Israel.

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