Location:  Seattle, Washington, USA

Rabbi:  Olivier BenHaim

When the Bet Alef Congregation came to Israel on a group visit, they visited the Bass Synagogue Furniture studio to experience an extensive tour, browse our showroom, and watch our artists at work.  They were in need of a new Aron Kodesh for their synagogue back home, and began to discuss with Gabriel various options for a custom project. Inspired by the land of Israel, they returned to Seattle and arrived at a design symbolizing the hanging Miskan referred to in the Torah. The carved doors will be affixed with copper plates arranged in a flame-like pattern, abstractly depicting shapes of Hebrew letters. Continue to visit this page for updates of the project as it work progresses.

Currently, the structure is complete and the doors are carved. We now are working out a few details, such as sanding, staining, and finishing with two coats of lacquer, then we will work on the copper and handles, as well as work out what we would like to do for the addition of a Ner Tamid to the top.