Ark with Torah Holders

The Torah Ark holds can hold three torahs or more. Bass Furniture designed this ark with torah holders on either side of the ark. It is built from solid African Walnut wood. Designed to be portable or free standing. You can choose the carving on the solid wood doors and match the finish to suit your style.




Customize the Carving of this Aron Kodesh

This aron kodesh was carefully crafted in the Bass synagogue Furniture studios in Israel. We have a second aron kodesh of this style that is currently unfinished, so you can still choose the carving details and stain to match your space. Work can be completed and shipped fairly quickly according to your specifications.

Dimensions: 184 cm tall x 150 cm wide  x 48 cm deep / Top box inside: 118 cm tall x 116 cm wide x 45 cm deep

Price includes carving of a similar scale to that reflected in the photographs. Please contact us for a quote for more intricate carving or crown on the top.