Hand Carved Hanging Mishkan Torah Ark

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This unique aron kodesh is built completely from solid wood. The boxes are joined with beautiful dovetail joinery that can be seen from the side. Gabriel hand carved the doors in an intertwining pattern, like the havdallah candle, to symbolize the unity of the Jewish people. The design is strong and sturdy, but can also be taken apart easily for transportation. Can also be made portable on wheels.

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Unique Hanging Design Makes a Strong Impression

At Bass Synagogue Furniture each piece that we build tells a story. The aron kodesh is the central furnishing in the synagogue and receives the community as they enter the room and face forward towards this center piece through the prayer service. We hope that all of our furnishings will not only serve a functional role, but impress upon the congregation that uses it. We trust it will help in the recollection of Jewish sentiment throughout the person’s lifetime. Bass Furniture designs and builds furniture from the finest materials to be used for generations. Please contact us for more information about the Carved Hanging Mishkan Torah Ark or customization of an ark to best suit the needs and style of your community.

Dimensions: 191 cm tall x 149 cm wide x 52 cm deep / top box inside 117 cm tall x 75 cm wide x 48 cm deep

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