Aron Kodesh with Ner Tamid Crown

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The traditional style wood aron kodesh is crowned with a carved and glass inlaid ner tamid. The parochet will be displayed in front of the doors. The finely crafted wood doors slide effortlessly into each other and the pocket behind the frame. The aron kodesh is built from African Walnut with dark stain and three coats of durable lacquer. Houses up to five sefrei torah.

$16,000.00 $16,000.00

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Transform your Synagogue with a custom Aron Kodesh

This aron kodesh was custom commissioned by The Chabad Lubavitch of Columbia, South Carolina. A wonderful example of fine woodworking, with a combination of sliding doors, angled columns, and carved crown. The ner tamid is unique in its design, giving it a contemporary, yet timeless feel. The aron kodesh has a presence that uplifts the entire prayer space. Bass Synagogue Furniture designs and crafts torah arks to suit the style, finish, and budget of our clients. Register to view price for commissioning similar custom work. The price shown is being discounted for a limited time only.


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