Bimah with Modern Curve

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Bass Furniture built this torah reading table using a unique lamination and carving process. It is a demonstration of  The sides have been glued and carved by hand, sanded, and polished to achieve the flowing curve inside and out. The empty spaces in the solid wood top further reveal this extraordinary technique. A poly carbonate top can be set onto the top for before use. The bimah was built exclusively from African Walnut and Cherry wood. Gabriel designed this torah table with a contemporary feel and light look. An aron kodesh and other furnishings can be custom designed in a similar style for a matching look.

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Laminated Carved Solid Wood for a Contemporary Look

This uniquely designed bimah is currently for sale and can be shipped within days. It is the culmination of many years of experience with the wood lamination process. The sides were glued from many pieces cut to compound angles and glued at a curved angle. They were then carved, sanded and polished by hand, giving the curves a smooth feel to the touch. The craftsmanship put in this piece makes it a true masterpiece to be treasured. Other custom synagogue furniture can be designed using this technique or to built matching furnishings.

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