Bow Curve Aron Kodesh

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This large aron kodesh fits five to ten torahs comfortably. The sliding doors gently open and close, one into the next. A step up podium to the aron kodesh gives the ark a true presence. The two columns flanking the sides will be inlayed with the glass chosen by our clients and lit from behind with LED lighting. A parochet curtain will be custom made to suit the glass on the sides and style of our clients room as a whole. A pasuk can be hand carved into the top horizontal on the top and an additional crown or ner tamid can be ordered for the top.

$18,500.00 $18,500.00

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This aron kodesh is currently for sale.  Custom options include the glass and lighting in the side columns, parochet, pasuk across the top, and any additional crown or ner tamid for the top. Please contact us for more information regarding the availablity and custom options for this impressive aron kodesh. Price shown includes inlaid stained art glass in your choice and pasuk across the top. Parochet, ner tamid, and other options are additional depending upon the details that you would like to include.

Measurements: total: 220 cm high x 192 cm wide x 118 deep / inside of the top box: 120 high x 180 wide x 60 cm deep.


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