Chabad of Uptown- Houston

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Synagogue Design, Production, and installation.

Project completed: September 2016

This contemporary synagogue project was produced using unique techniques in wood joinery and carving to create the curved design. The Aron Kodesh shape represents a torah scroll. The bimah and two amud tefillah were designed to compliment the ark. The portable mechitza panels are constructed with a matching curve and one-way mirror pane glass tilted at an angle for maximum reflection.

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Contemporary Synagogue Design and Traditional Craftsmanship

This exciting project was carefully designed to suit the needs and contemporary style of the Chabad of Uptown in Houston, Texas, USA. The aron kodesh fits three torahs comfortably with stands on the inside. The front opening is adorned with sliding parochet, velvet in two colors for the year and the holidays, with embroidery of the Bet HaMikdash on string from the sides. The base of the aron kodesh is on wheels so the entire furnishing to be easily moved. The sliding doors close when the room is used for alternative functions. The scrolls are illuminated with LED lighting and give a truly inspirational elevated feel to the entire room and prayer service.  The matching bimah and prayer shtenders were constructed with solid wood rounds, hand carved, as the scrolls of the ark. They open from above for storage, and the bimah is portable on wheels. The Mechitza consists of five panels. The base is curved to match the rest of the furnishings and the glass is tilted towards the light on the men’s side and towards the ground on the women’s side to provide maximum reflective / transparency where it is desired. This mechitza design has been the most successful we have produced in providing maximum visibility for women and opacity from the men’s side. If you would like information about how Bass Synagogue Furniture can design, produce, and install contemporary synagogue interior and furnishings for your synagogue, please contact us today for more information.

Watch a video of this synagogue project in progress. Including unique solid wood working Techniques and installation:

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Synagogue Interiors

Bass Synagogue Furniture designs and produces quality custom synagogue interiors and furniture. Each project is designed and built specifically to suit the style, needs, and budget of our clients. We provide you with a detailed design rendering and shop sketches, making your project more tangible for your committee and donors. According to your feedback, we will continue to revise the rendering until you are fully satisfied with the design and budget. We take care of the entire project, with easy and affordable shipping, as well as on-site installation anywhere in the world. With decades of experience with hundreds of synagogues worldwide, our clients rest assured they receive the best service and quality products available.
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