Chess Tables and Pieces

These chess tables are built from solid wood, even the squares are joined from blocks of solid wood. Transparent glass is inlaid flush into the center of table for protection.  Built from cherry wood and African walnut with a durable three coat finish,this table will with stand years of heavy use. This table has a variety of uses when not being played.  The pieces are hand made on a torch with flame-working techniques from borosilicate, shock and heat resistant glass.

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Custom and Available Chess Boards and Pieces

Bass Furniture designs and builds solid wood chess boards in Israel. Each product is indivually produced according to the style of our clientel. Chess pieces can be custom commissioned from lathed hardwoods or flame worked borosilicate glass. Custom tables can be built from a variety of hardwoods and glass colors. The chess tables can be built in many sizes and styles. Contact us to inquire about custom chess boards and pieces.

View our large cherry wood chess table with folding leaves