Contemporary Bookcases

These bookcases were custom designed and built for the Jewish Academy in Memphis, TN, USA. They were designed in a light wood to compliment the modern design of the room. The molding has clean lines and the corners were capped at an angle.  The entire bet midrash is surrounded by twenty cabinets. Each bookcase is four feet wide and separated by vertical solid wood columns. The two-inch thick shelves will remain straight, even at four feet wide, regardless of the impact of the extreme weight of the books being housed. This is thanks to our unique technique of inter-locking three layers of durable birch plywoods at differing angles and capping the fronts with one-inch solid wood.

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Design Bookcases to suit your space

Bass Furniture designs, builds, and installs book shelves to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information about building a custom library for your synagogue, bet -midrash, or school. Bookcases are built to show off the beauty of your wood choice with an attention to detail. Our prices are competitive with local carpentry services.