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Curved Door Twelve Tribes Aron Kodesh

The Aron Kodesh fits one torah. It can stand on a table or be easily hung firmly and detached from any wall. It is also easy to carry from place to place as a portable torah ark. The fabulous solid wood curved doors feature carving and glass inlays representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Dovetail joinery in solid African Walnut. Quality inlaid solid brass Brusso scissor hinges.

Dimensions: 110 cm high x 43 cm wide x 33 cm deep

Twelve Tribes Curved Door Aron Kodesh

This Aron Kodesh has been sold. See other currently available aron kodeshes of the same style. View without carving on the doors or in a light wood with pirke avot inspired carving.  Jewish craftsmen built each aron kodesh individually from the finest materials at the Bass Synagogue Furniture studios. Aron kodeshes are built from solid African Walnut wood with dovetail joinery, which can be commissioned in a variety of sizes, details, and stains.  We are proud to offer solid hardwood with strong, beautiful joinery, and durable finish. Each bears unique hand carving or glass detail work. Contact us for more information regarding this Aron Kodesh or custom work to suit your needs, style, and budget requirements.

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