Deep Relief Carved Aron Kodesh

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This aron kodesh was designed and built from solid wood and features deep relief carving. The carving was produced by hand  in every detail. The aron kodesh was commissioned by the Tunisian synagogue of Ashkelon. The carved doors to the ark represent the Temple n Jerusalem, or Bet HaMikdash. Grapes are carved across the top into the passuk.  Columns were carved by hand.

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Hand Carved Traditional Style Aron Kodeshes

The Aron Kodesh, and other furnishings for this synagogue has been designed and produced specifically to suit the needs of our clients space and style.  The interior woodwork has been produced and installed on-site according to detailed specifications.  All the woodwork is thoroughly carved by hand, sanded, and finished with three coats of durable lacquer.  Please inquire with Bass Synagogue Furniture how we can help your synagogue design, produce, and install a traditional carved synagogue interior or traditional aron kodesh with the best service in the market.

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