Miami Young Israel Bet Midrash

Bass Synagogue Furniture designed, produced and installed the aron kodesh around a long existing full size safe in the Young Israel of Greater Miami Bet Midrash. A new Bimah, carved menorah, and two amud tefillah, one of the chazzan and one for the rabbi, were also custom ordered and finished to match the aron kodesh. The project was completed in July of 2016.

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Built-In Aron Kodesh and Synagogue Furniture with Torah Safe

The Aron Kodesh was custom designed to suit the preexisting safe which holds the torahs.  The pasuk across the top and menorah above the lectern on the right was carved by hand by artist Gabriel Bass and painted with gold.  The menorah is lit from the back of the ark with LED lights and hand blown glass inlays and a switch was wired to the right side of the ark to turn the lights on and off.  The columns, frames, and molding is all built from solid wood, African Walnut. The details, including the routed columns and molding, were all produced at the Bass Synagogue Furniture studios in Israel by Jewish craftsmen. The amud tefillah is built in a traditional style with the addition of a pull out table that rests strong at an angle, perfect for study and prayer from the sitting position. The table pulls out easily and was built with no additional hardware. The top of the torah reading table and podiums opens forward on brass plated piano hinges for additional storage within the boxes. BSF has meanwhile used the preexisting parochet in front of the safe. All the work was custom designed and produced for Young Israel of Greater Miami. Please contact us for more information on how Bass Synagogue Furniture can design, produce, and install built-in synagogue

Customize Your Aron Kodesh - Torah Ark

Bass Synagogue Furniture designs and produces Aron Kodesh from the finest materials, finish and hardware, to ensure that each piece will be appreciated for generations. Many products are currently available and generously discounted. Others can be custom designed to suit the needs, style, and budget of our clients. Our craftsmen offer a variety of skilled decorative techniques to adorn synagogue furniture from wood carving to glass and metal work. From small portable torah arks to large built in synagogue interiors, from traditional to contemporary styles, we work with every client individually to find the best solution for each synagogue furniture project.