Park Plaza Retirement Center

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The synagogue at the retirement home in Chicago, Illinois was designed, produced, and installed by Bass Synagogue Furniture in September 2016. The aron kodesh is carved throughout with motifs of the twelve tribes of Israel on the solid wood columns and crown. The torah reading table matches the light shading in the

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The aron kodesh stands over four meters high and is deep relief carved with two tone finish. The background has texture from the curved blade knives. The sliding doors are connected one to the next for easy opening and closing behind the columns.The ark is lit on the inside and the crown is lit with LED lighting. The portable mechitza has simple matching lattice curtains that easily slide on metal loops. They ordered a total of 12 mechitza panels. The torah reading table is designed to match the light natural lacquer finish of the mechitzas and carving background. The work was installed in Chicago by artist Gabriel Bass himself.

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