Red Horizon Ner Tamid

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One of our most popular designs. These eternal lights highlight a unique technique of glass blowing and wood work, by displaying the mold as part of the finished product. Each piece is individually crafted in the Bass Synagogue Furniture workshop to best combine the wood and glass features. The size and detail vary with each ner tamid. This handmade ner tamid is modest in design and gives off a nice red glow for synagogues with a traditional feel.

sizes vary from 12″ and 24″ tall.

Exact shape and glass may vary.

$900.00 $900.00

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A Modest Hand Blown Ner Tamid in Wood Base

Many versions of this Ner Tamid is currently available for sale and can be shipped out within days. We currently have in stock various sizes and styles. Price may also vary slightly depending upon the details. Please inquire for most updated availability. Master craftsman Gabriel Bass lathed the base from solid wood, which was used as the actual mold the glass was blown into. Product does not guarantee any particular design, but will be similar to one of the examples shown above, unless you specify an exact design, which may cost full price if not currently in stock. Contact us for more information regarding this Ner Tamid or custom work to suit your needs, style, and budget requirements.

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Multicolored, Red

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