Relief Carved Sephardic Torah Case

This remarkable hand carved sephardic torah case is built from solid wood, rarely produced like this anywhere else today.  Size, carving and wood stain color can be customized to suit your needs.

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Deep Relief Carved Torah Case

The torah case been designed and produced specifically to suit the needs of our clients torah size and style.   All the woodwork is thoroughly carved by hand, sanded, and finished with three coats of durable lacquer for longevity.  Please inquire with Bass Synagogue Furniture how we can help your synagogue design and produce a solid wood carved sephardi torah case to suit your style and budget.

Customize Your Accessories

Bass Synagogue Furniture designs and produces Sephardic torah cases, torah handles, torah and kippah stands from solid wood. Each Sephardi Torah case is built individually, hand carved from solid wood or our lightest version from olive wood. Our holders and stands are built completely from solid wood in contemporary design. We also design and produce custom cases and stands to meet the needs of each congregation. Sephardic Torah cases and stands are available in a variety of sizes and designs. We also produce torah rimonim according to order.  Options include hand carved, painted, inlaid, or metal plate ornamented. Contact Bass Synagogue Furniture today for most up to date availability or register to view pricing for available work.