Revolving Hannukiah Menorah

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This unique Hannukiah design is created around a central threaded pillar. Allowing for an infinite number of positions, the menorah was designed with consideration of both functional and stylistic elegance. Each menorah is handcrafted from African Walnut and torch worked borosilicate glass beads and fittings. Glass settings are handmade by artist Gabriel Bass with threaded inserts which are set into holes in the menorah for easy cleaning or replacement. Strength and craftsmanship guaranteed. A true contemporary art piece and collectors item. Only eight of the revolving menorahs were built in this series, each with different finishes and glass choice.

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Menorah with Dynamic Design and Handmade Glass

This menorah is currently available for sale, generously discounted, and can be shipped out within days. Each Hannukiah is built individually from the finest materials by jewish craftsmen in Israel. We are proud to offer quality woodwork and borosilicate glass, which is heat and shock resistant. Suitable for  use with oil or candles. Bass Synagogue Judaica designs and produces the finest Jewish ceremonial art. Contact us for more information regarding this menorah or custom work to suit your needs, style, and budget requirements.

Watch Gabriel create the glass fittings by hand at the Bass Synagogue Furniture and Judaica studio!

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Hannukiah Menorah

Bass Furniture and Judaica designs and produces individual one-of-a-kind Hannukah menorahs. Many are currently available for sale. Menorahs and other unique judaica item can be custom commisisoned to suit your vision. We hand carve each piece in solid wood, work with semi-precious metals, and hand blow glass. Our craftsmen pay close attention to detail and each is produced by Jewish hands in our studios in Israel. The heat and shock resistant glass fittings can be used with oil or candles. They are available in a variety of colors and textures and guaranteed for their durability. Contact us for the most updated availabiltiy, pricing, and custom inquiries. 

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Borosilicate Glass, Walnut

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