Scroll Aron Kodesh

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This unique design for an aron kodesh represents a torah scroll. Built from African walnut, the curved portions were constructed of solid wood and carved to shape. The solid wood doors slide open completely and the bottom and back of the inside are upholstered. LED lighting lights up the curves to give the ark a dynamic feel of light, angles, and curves.  fits at least six torahs and a second shelf can be installed.


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Contemporary Aron Kodesh with delightful Curves and Lighting

Bass Synagogue Furniture custom builds aronot kodesh to suit the needs of any synagogue, from portable furnishing to fully built-in interiors and torah arks. This particular torah ark was built on spec and is available for purchase with installation anywhere in the world. Other aronot kodesh can be custom built in this style or custom designed with three-dimensional renderings to suit your style and budget.

See Synagogue Furniture project of the Chabad of Uptown Houston, which included this aron kodesh and other furniture.

Watch the video how to prepare the wood, glue up rounds, and connect into unique furniture design:

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