Seder Plate with Matzah Shelves

These three tied seder plates have two glass shelves on the inside for matzah storage. The doors in the front open and are closed with a simple brass lock. We offer various options for glass trays that fit onto the top for the species and can be easily cleaned. The seder plate is built from African Walnut with three coats of water resistant finish.


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Carved Wood Seder Plates with Glass Trays

Various versions of this seder plate are currently available for sale and can be shipped out within a week. We offer custom carving around the sides and on the top. We can also finish this seder plate with any color stain you choose. The seder plate comes with a transparent fitted glass plate with cups for the displayed species. You can also choose to replaces the plate with smaller artistic made smaller trays for an additional fee. Price shown does not include carving.