Sons of Israel Aron Kodesh

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Queens, NY

Bass Synagogue Furniture custom designed and built the Aron Kodesh for Sons of Israel in Long Island City, new York.  Entire project included carved and stain glass inlayed Ner Tamid, synagogue remodel of Torah Table, Bimah, Podium, and lecturn.  BSF was responsible for the complete design, production, and installation of the Aron Kodesh, Torah Table, Podium, Rabbi’s Shtender, and stain glass lighting.  The synagogue remodel consisted of elements of Jerusalem stone, glass, and 2 tone recessed wood carving to create a warm space for their existing bimah and suiting the niche in the back wall.  The Aron Kodesh inside contained two levels to place up to ten torahs, sliding doors, slide down security door, lit glass ner tamid with LED lighting, hand carving in both the lattice relief and recessed styles.


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Aron Kodesh, Carving and Glass, Queens, New York

This aron kodesh was custom designed, produced, and install to the needs, style, and budget of our client to suit the synagogue remodel and other furnishings produced by Bass Synagogue Furniture.  Please contact us for information on how to design and produce a synagogue interior remodel to suit your congregation, either in a similar or different style.  We will provide for you high resolution rendering of your synagogue space and how we envision the work along with a detailed price estimate for the project.  We will work with you on the details until you are fully satisfied with the design before the production begins.  We worry about the entire project through installation.   At Bass Synagogue Furniture we offer only the highest grade materials, finest craftsmanship and best service of any synagogue furniture makers anywhere. We offer your choice of wood color, unique detail work in carving, jerusalem stone, glass, and lighting.  

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Glass, Stone, Wood

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