Stained Glass Aleph-Bet Ark

This stunning aron kodesh is crafted from a combination of cherry wood and african walnut. The hanging design highlights the unique doors built by artist Gabriel Bass with a unique technique utilizing panel door joinery with inset stained glass. The solid cherry wood boxes are constructed with precision dovetail joinery.



Artistic Wood Panel Doors with Stained Glass

This one-of-a-kind aron kodesh is currently for sale and can be shipped out within about a week. The ark is built completely from solid wood and quality stained glass. Artists pay careful attention to detail, joinery, and finish. The two-tone wood, hanging design, and curved features make for a contemporary feel. The bottom box makes for a nice amount of room for storage. Strong and sturdy. Can be free standing or made portable on wheels. You can also add a matching ner tamid.

Contact us for more information regarding this aron kodesh or customization.

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