Twelve Tribes in Carving and Glass

The synagogue decorative elements were hand carved and inlayed with stained glass to represent the twelve tribes of Israel.   The synagogue was custom built for a synagogue in Moscow, Russia.  Each piece is a separate light box, illuminating the stained glass work.  The woodwork was carved by hand in a traditional style with the name and blessing of each tribe.


Synagogue Art in Stained Glass and Carving

The Synagogue wall hanging been designed and produced specifically to suit the needs of our clients space and style.  The synagogue artwork has been produced and installed on-site according to detailed specifications.  All the woodwork is thoroughly carved by hand, sanded, and finished with three coats of durable lacquer.  Please inquire with Bass Synagogue Furniture how we can help your synagogue design, produce, and install a traditional wood carving and stained glass creation according to your needs and budget.