Yeshiva Mishkan HaTorah

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Toronto, Canada 2010

Bass Synagogue Furniture was commissioned to design consult and produce all the furnishing and interior for this newly built yeshiva in Toronto, Canada. Built in a Chasidic style, the project includes the Aron Kodesh, Bimah, ner tamid, sixty-four feet of wainscoting, nineteen book shelves framed by pilasters and dedication plaques, nineteen tables, fifty desk top shtenders, and two bulletin boards.   The Aron HaKodesh doors are uniquely hand carved and guilded to represent the twelve tribes of Israel.  The columns were hand lathed in the studio. The crown above the doors was produced from brass with inlaid art glass to represent the ten commandments.  Two shtenders are built into either side for the rabbi and cantor.  Wainscoting was designed in solid wood framework with deep molding, all made by hand in the studio to match the rest of the work.   The Bimah features a solid wood drawer which opens with a cover for the gabbai to follow the torah reading.  The Ner Tamid feature hand blown glass flames and hangs in front of the Torah Ark.

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Synagogue Furniture, Wainscoting, and Book Shelves

Bass Furniture designed and built this yeshiva interior according to the needs, style, and budget. We built, shipped, and installed three tons of matching  interior carpentry in two-tone, stained and unstained African Walnut.  Before production we render the entire interior design according for the space, including all the proposed furnishings. The detailed design helps the synagogue donors and committee to actualize the project.  Please contact us for information on how to design and produce a synagogue interior and torah ark to suit your congregation, either in a similar or different style.  At Bass Synagogue Furniture we offer only the highest grade materials, finest craftsmanship and best service of any synagogue furniture makers anywhere. We offer your choice of wood color, unique detail work in carving and glass. Let us take care of everything, from design through installation.

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Synagogue Furniture

Bass Synagogue Furniture is proud to offer the highest-quality wood, glass, and metal synagogue furniture in the industry. We offer available and custom work to suit the function, style, and budget of every congregation. View our inventory and portfolios of Torah Ark, Elijah Chair, Torah reading table, Eternal Light, Shtenders, donor plaques, and Torah ornaments. Master craftsman Gabriel Bass and his professional team designs and builds each product individually in our state of the art workshop, with a combination of precise equipment and the sharpest hand tools. Bass Synagogue Furniture combines classical craftsmanship and contemporary design. We work closely with each client to carefully design and complete each order on time and to our client's satisfaction. Each piece will be treasured for generations. With years of experience working with synagogues and building synagogue furniture, and references around the world, Bass Synagogue Furniture offers unsurpassed quality and service that clients can depend on. Contact us by email or telephone to discuss how we can offer you the most suitable synagogue furniture for your needs and budget.

Synagogue Interiors

Bass Synagogue Furniture designs and produces quality custom synagogue interiors and furniture. Each project is designed and built specifically to suit the style, needs, and budget of our clients. We provide you with a detailed design rendering and shop sketches, making your project more tangible for your committee and donors. According to your feedback, we will continue to revise the rendering until you are fully satisfied with the design and budget. We take care of the entire project, with easy and affordable shipping, as well as on-site installation anywhere in the world. With decades of experience with hundreds of synagogues worldwide, our clients rest assured they receive the best service and quality products available.
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