Bimah with Folding Top

This Bimah has commissioned for the CTJ congregation in Manhattan Beach.  The project was so successful that we are now offering the folding torah table as a standard product in customizable measurements. With the side wings down there is a nice size podium for cleargy speaking and praying.

The sides flip up easily and the supports are caught onto strong inlayed magnets for extra security without hassel, to serve as a torah reading table with plenty of room all around. The carving features the twelve tribes in glass inlays to represent their unique traits, no carving or custom carving available.

Solid wood, storage beneath, handmade glass knobs in your choice of colours and textures.

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Customize a Portable Folding Bimah

This Portable Bimah has been custom built according to the needs, style, and budget of our client. At Bass Synagogue Furniture we offer only the highest grade materials, finest craftsmanship and best service of any synagogue furniture makers anywhere.  We offer your choice of wood color, unique detail work in carving and glass.  The price listed approximates for custom work in similar style, detail, and size without carving.  Examples of smaller version can be found here.  Simpler or similar available work may be generously discounted, so be sure to contact us to discuss your needs.

Dimensions: table top is 120 cm wide closed and 180 cm wide open (each flap adding 30cm) x 90 cm deep x 107cm high

Please contact us for information on how to design and produce a torah table to suit your congregation, either in a similar or different style.

Customize Your Bimah – Torah Reading Table

Bass Synagogue Furniture designs and produces torah tables and bimahs to suit the needs of any congregation. Many options are available for sale and can be custom stained to match your existing furniture. We are glad to design custom Bimahs to suit the needs, style, and budget of our clients. Contact us for the most up to date information regarding current availability and custom options or design.

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Walnut, Wood