Carved Curtain Aron Kodesh

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From a short distance this aron kodesh appears to represent the bottom of the tree trunk with the connection to the root structure. The Carved Curtain Aron Kodesh is one of the most unique and ambitious projects we have built. Bass Synagogue Furniture crafted this torah ark from solid wood by gluing up pre-cut shapes, to achieve the large construction. Craftsmen carved the curtains by hand, with such tools, such as plane shaves, adzes, and knives. The final shapes are then sanded and joined together into the inspiring furnishing. The parochet of your choice will hang between the wood side construction, revealing the carved wood as a continuation of the parochet hanging between. Behind the parochet sliding doors open into a wood cabinet suitable for between 3-8 torahs.

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Inspiring Aron Kodeshes and Torah Arks

This aron kodesh is currently for sale and can be shipped out within a week via UPS air at a reasonable price. Bass Synagogue Furniture also builds custom synagogue interior furniture to suit the needs, style, and budget of all synagogues. BSF craftsmen work with the finest materials in wood, glass, and metal. A custom parochet is being built for the aron and will be available to purchase as a single piece. Please contact us for more information about this aron kodesh or if you would like an estimate for custom work.

Measurements: Total size: 215 cm high x 250 cm wide x 90 cm deep / inside top box: 120 cm high x 200 cm wide x 62 cm deep.

A torah reading table was built together with this aron kodesh to match with the same carved organic curtain shape and finish.

See the Bimah that matches this piece. 


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