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The custom design of this synagogue interior uses modern curves in a timeless solid wood structure.  We use light to fill empty space, creating a type of spiritual energy to the feeling of the space and radiates the holiness of the torah, lights are situated within each step above and below the ark.  The mechitza pushes on wheels and folds into its shape, minimizing storage.  The Bimah and Podium are designed to match the aron kodesh.

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Let’s Design Your Synagogue!

All you need for Synagogue Interior Design and Construction plans at no cost if you produce the work with us. For only a small deposit Bass Synagogue Furniture will supply you with high quality 3-D renderings of your future synagogue building or renovation, along with a detailed price estimate for the designed work.    You will be able to walk through the three dimensional space to begin to actualize your plans and use still images to continue to raise funds for the project. Just supply us with measurements, pictures, drawings, blueprints of your space. Then, our head designer, will meet with you to discuss functional and stylistic considerations, other requirements, budget constraints, and all your ideas in order to fully realize the design.  We will work with you through many revisions until you are fully satisfied with the design.

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