Contemporary Parochets

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Pictured are just a few samples of parochet designs and portfolio work of our fabric artists.  You can choose from silk painted, emboidered, quilted,or other parochet techniques, designs, and fabrics.  We work directly with our fabric artists to be sure that your aron kodesh has the most suitable parochet design. We also offer more traditional embroidered designs.

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Custom Hand-Made Parochets and Bimah Covers

Bass Synagogue Furniture offers parochets for aron kodesh made by hand by fabric artists most suitable for the style desired. Each parochet is custom made by hand in embroidery, silk painting, or combination of materials. Each parochet is carefully designed and sketched out for your approval before production. Offering traditional and contemporary artistic options to suit the style and budget of our customers. Contact BSF today for more information regarding custom parochet design for your torah ark offered for sale on our website.

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