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Choose from a variety of materials for the top “semi-transparent” section of your mechitza.

A good view and feeling of access for the women is what most congregations want today. While at the same time the mechitza must conform to some level of modesty from the men’s side, which will vary from congregation to congregation. We have found the most popular choices to be clear glass, one-way mirror, graphic printing, curtains, and laser cut wood, and sandblasted glass. We can also provide woodwork, carving, metalwork, stained glass, and pretty much whatever you can think of.



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Customize Your Mechitza

Each mechitza is custom designed to suit the needs, style, and budget of our clients. We provide you with a detailed rendering of each project before we begin production. The standard size of our mechitzah panels are approximately four foot four inches wide by six feet high. For your free custom estimate tell us what model you like, how many linear feet you need to cover, the height you want to top material to begin, and the top material:

Our one-way mirror pane is the highest quality available on the market. It is relatively expensive, but gets the job done. It is slightly tinted from the women’s side and shows nice reflection from the men’s side. The lighting will play a factor, for instance you would see a silhouette from the men’s side if there is a window behind the woman during the day. You can also request that we tilt the glass slightly upward to reflect more direct upward lighting on the men’s side and more of the floor from the women’s side. The angle also keeps the reflection from being a direct mirror of the individual until he approaches the material. By incorporating levels of angled glass at a higher angle we can reflect mainly wood from the levels, giving the appearance of wood throughout (which is a nice design, but rather expensive).

Perforated graphics work on a similar premise and lighting, but with graphics, you are not looking into a mirror. We have a photographer and graphic designer we work closely with to provide images. Images could be any graphic; from the kotel, to blue sky/clouds, to a very modest texture.

Laser Cut in Wood or Metal:  We work work closely with our client to create a unique, custom pattern for their laser cuts and come up with creative mounting solutions. Or we can provide designs we have worked on in the past and may have ordered extras we can offer at discount.

Sandblasted glass or acid etched can be nice effect for a contemporary look or can be ordered in a variety of designs, patterns, depths and gradients. The price would depend upon the design.

The most affordable option is transparent glass or a curtain, which we supply fabrics with an array of transparency/lattice options. Lattice fabrics can also be used in conjunction with other options.

Other options include stained glass, carving, wood construction or metal lattice.

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