Portable Mechitza Panels

These mechitza panels are an affordable option for a portable, light-weight, and versatile mechitza panel. While maximizing stability, longevity, and durability, these mechitza are easy to move and store.  One person can easily lift these panels and you have a choice of durable rubber sliders or wheels on the bottom for added convenience.  For the top “semi-transparent” section your synagogue will choose between fabric, one-way mirror, sandblasted glass.



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Mechitza Panels currently for sale

Bass Synagogue designs and produces available and custom built mechitza panels according to order.  These mechitza panel dividers are currently under construction and can be finished with a variety of color finishes to suit your needs. Two heights are available. One allows the women to view the sanctuary from a sitting position and the second option allows view from the standing position. The top section can have fabric, one-way mirror, sandblasted glass design, transparent glass, metal or other material. Price viewed upon registration reflects base price before top material. The top material will be charged at price according to the material and design chosen. Options for wheels or sliders on the bottom.

The currently available mechitzahs were made according to the blueprints in the pictures. We have both 3′ high and 4′ high wood bases.

Please contact us for more information about this product, availability, details, and final price quotes depending upon materials and color. Let us know how many linear feet you need to cover and any style or top material preferences.

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A well designed mechitza will give a good view and feeling of access for the women. While at the same time, the mechitza must conform to some level of modesty from the men’s side, which will vary from congregation to congregation. Bass Synagogue Furniture builds custom mechitzas to suit the needs, style, and budget of our clients. Each project is designed in detailed renderings according to the specifications of our clients before it is produced. Our mechitza designs include a base of woodwork to either three feet, sitting, or four feet, standing and then a top semi-transparent material. We have found the most popular choices to be clear glass, one-way mirror, graphic printing, curtains, and laser cut wood, and sandblasted glass. We can also provide woodwork, carving, metalwork, stained glass, and pretty much whatever you can think of.For your free custom estimate tell us what model you like, how many linear feet you need to cover, the height you want to top material to begin, and the top material.For more information regarding the materials.


Any product with a discounted price is currently available for sale or can be quickly finished in the stain of your choice. You can be easily order online by registering and adding to your cart. Feel free to contact us via email or telephone for availability, custom options, and shipping prices.

Custom projects are processed individually. Please contact us with as much information as you have, pictures, measurements, style, etc. We will then produce for you a detailed three dimensional computer rendering of the proposed furnishings. The renderings will help you, your committee, and donors actualize how the project will look in your space. It can also help greatly to raise additional funds and make your project a reality. We continue to revise the sketches according to your feedback until you are fully satisfied with the design and budget before we begin production.


We ship all products internationally by air express door to door with full insurance at very modest discounted prices. Smaller products, such as judaica and ner tamids are sent via EMS, usually taking 3-5 business days. Furniture up to entire synagogue interiors are shipped via UPS air taking 5-10 business days. All work is custom crated in the studio and insured by us (meaning we take care of any issues immediately and on our bill, no need to file a report)

Additional Information

Each product is crafted individually, by hand, with attention to detail. Our clients appreciate the work and service we provide. We follow all plans and requests down to scale and our clients delighted by the products they receive. In order for us to deliver the best quality product, we need to make decisions regarding some details during production. You are likely not going to receive the exact product in the photograph on the website. Because of the organic nature of other custom projects, such as carving or glass work, there is no way in describing the exact details in rendering in advance. The only decisions that we make are those that we believe will make the product either of higher quality, stronger, more functional, or aesthetically pleasing. As a client of any craftsman you are putting your confidence in their decisions.

For more information about this product or to inquiry about a custom project contact us: