Wood Base Mechitza

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These portable mechitza panels can be ordered to custom heights and stained to match your surrounding furnishings. Most synagogues order 5’10” total height. Starting the semi-transparent material at around 3′ allows women a view while seated and 4′ when standing. You choose the semi-transparent top material: glass, one-way mirror (straight or slanted), one-way printed or etched glass image, curtain, laser cut wood, or other. Price shown below is for the woodwork only, the final price will be based upon your choice of height and top material.

$950.00 $950.00

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Each mechitzah is built to order, according to the needs of our clients. Each portable mechitza panel can be made to cover a width of 4’3″ or shorter. These mechitzas are built for a straight line set up. If there is a corner meeting in the layout, we can construct the mechitzas with feet on the inside. Click here to view mechitzas for any set up.  We can also offer decorative elements or interior trim to enrich the design. See mechitza with interior trim. This model is offered with wheels or sliders. All work is handcrafted and finished in studio using the highest quality solid wood and baltic birch plywoods.

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