Folding Mechitza with Glass

This folding mechitza with one-way mirror was designed and produced for The Bet Midrash of the East End in Lakewood, NJ.  3 panels were built, each extending from four feet into eight with two panels hinged to either side and folds smoothly for storage.  Can be customized to suit your needs and measurements, with or without the folding feature.  Glass options include one-way mirror, sandblasted glass, latticed wood or fabric.


A Portable Mechitza with a Small Footprint

Bass Synagogue Furniture designs and builds custom mechitzahs to suit the needs of our clients from wood and glass or one-way mirror, metal, and fabric.

Please contact us for information regarding your project.  Let us know how many linear feet you need, portability and storage issues.  Please send us any layout plans, designs, or ideas.