Portable Mechitza for any set up

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This mechitza is designed for any set up. By affixing the feet in from the end of the mechitzah, they do not disturb the meeting point view. Whereas other portable mechitza designs with a wider base or feet placed on the ends will not meet nicely at corners.  You can customize the wood color to match other furniture in your space.  Choose from top materials such as one-way mirror, stained glass, wood lattice, sandblasted glass patterns, fabric, or metal. Wood base design may differ slight from shown, using improved joining techniques.

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Mechitza designed for any set up

This product page shows the solution for setting up a mechitzah with any angle. Placing the legs into center, you have the same stability, affordability, and versatility of other mechitza panels. Portable mechitzahs are custom designed to suit the needs of the synagogues we work with and the layout of their space.  Each mechitza is carefully built from wood, glass, fabric, metal, one-way-mirror, sandblasted or stained glass.

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