Portable Mechitza for any set up

These mechitza panels are built according to order.  The legs are affixed strongly from beneath the mechitza in order no to disturb the panels meeting at any angle.  You can customize the wood color and top material ,such as one-way mirror, stained glass, wood lattice, sandblasted glass patterns, fabric, or metal.  The glass is shown low in this design to be comfortable for viewing from the sitting position.



Mechitza Design designed with sitting view

Portable mechitzahs are custom designed to suit the needs of the synagogues we work with and the layout of their space.  Each mechitza is carefully built from wood, glass, fabric, metal, one-way-mirror, sandblasted or stained glass.   Curved or straight glass is available.  Price reflects base price before top materials. Please inquire for custom quote to suit your needs and budget.